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François Xavier Lalanne - L'évolution.jpeg.jpeg




La Hune / Bernard Gheerbrant


Atelier Tahon - Flavigny sur Ozerain




51 x 33 cm



What can be said? The Lalanne couple ruled Paris during the 70’s with their spirit and art and were supported by everyone from the Rothschild family to the couturier Yves Saint-Laurent and his partner Pierre Bergé. “Les Lalannes”, as they were nicknamed, forged an imagery, Polymorphoses: a bestiary between surrealism and poetry and damn, this is fun! Shunned during the 80’s by the art community in favor of the Abstract movement, their comeback during the 2010’s was massive. Now undisputed stars of the most incredible art collections from the late Duke of Edinburgh, husband of Queen Elisabeth II, royal family of England, to the Kardashians, royal family of Los Angeles, they are now and forever unavoidable and we dig that.  

L'évolution, plate 5 from the album Polymorphoses - 1978

Lithograph in colors on Arches wove paper, with full margins
Complete with its mat titled "L'évolution" and the poem : "C'en est fini des châteaux. Seules pourraient encore les sauver de vastes réserves, où ces mastodontes viendraient naturellement se reproduire à l'abri de la civilisation"

Publisher La Hune / Bernard Gheerbrant

Printer Atelier Tahon - Flavigny sur Ozerain

Signed and numbered on 70

51 x 33 cm

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