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Edward Ruscha

Insect Slants (Ants),

from "Reality and Paradoxes"

Ed Ruscha - Insect Slant (Ant).jpeg


Screenprint and lithograph


Multiples, Inc. New York




56 x 76 cm


Engberg 69

"The King of the West Coast" is an American painter, photographer and movie director, symbol of the American artistic revival that animated Los Angeles in the 60’s. The absence of artistic tradition in Los Angeles left an open field for artists to create in full liberation. Edward Ruscha plays with images, words and colors and draws his inspiration from the codes of Dadaism, Surrealism and abstract expressionism. Refusing all classification, the artist is the subject of numerous retrospectives throughout the world. In 2004 the Whitney Museum of American Art even devoted a double exhibition to his work.

Insect Slants (Ants),

from Reality and Paradoxes - 1973

Lithograph and screenprint in black and grey on BFK Rives paper, the full sheet.

Signed and numbered 45/100 and (XXX AP)

With blindstamp of the Styria Studio, New York Stamped "© Copyright Edward Ruscha & Multiples Inc. 1973" on the back.

Published by Multiples, Inc. New York.

56 x 76 cm

Provenance : Galerie Jerome, Copenhagen

Literature : Engberg 69

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